Sunday, April 06, 2008

A gigantic thank you!

The sheep want to thank all the generous fiber folks who donated and shopped our Circle The Wagons campaign to help our friend Holly! You have all made a terrific difference in Holly's circumstances, giving her much needed peace financially (together we raised $1,926.40!!!)--I decided she put it best so here is a few words from Holly herself via her blog:

"Circle the Wagons, for those of you that are so WONDERFUL (which I think includes everyone) and donated to this fund, I really wanted to say thank you again. I don't know what I would have made it through the last few months without ya'll. And I have to tell you it is a huge stress relief to know I have funds to pay for the trip whenever they finally get off their hineys and get this sucker scheduled. I would be in a total panic right now about money but instead I just have to worry about the docs/my liver/ surgery in general/ and Lazy Ass. I am actually remarkably calm considering! :)I have set most of the funds aside to be used when the actual double surgery takes place (travel, hotel, food, etc). I used a little bit to buy fibers that I could dye now since I am not supposed to be working so hard and locks are hard work... so you will continue to see some rovings from me when I am tired. They just require less bucket hauling and dumping, so I have no choice. But as long as I can still lift locks, I will dye locks. I am trying to take it easy but it is hard to sit still so I try to find balance.I can't tell you how I appreciate having options. Your generosity has overwhelmed me and the support I have recieved has literally kept me from ripping my hair out at times. It is so hard to even describe how much this means to me. I can't thank you enough or even properly. Oddly - the best comment came from my mother when I first saw this and was in total awe of the wonderful woman described (yes, I still have a hard time realizing it is me you are talking about). She quickly replied through her tears - but honey, you would be the first one to do it for any one of them. Odd how sometimes parents can get right to the source of things. I know it is true, but it is still overwhelming when that kind of generosity is sent your way. I do believe my calm through this storm is because I am wrapped in this huge wave of love. Corny I know, but it is the only thing that makes sense. I graciously thank you, each and every one."

If you missed the CTW sales, just go have a visit to Holly's gorgeous website! I believe she is updating tonight too--wheeee!

As for our site, I am still sorting fleeces, plan to take pictures tomorrow and update on Tuesday--remember, if there is a fleece you want to share with me (and believe ME, I am a fiber piglet but did learn to share at some point in my life-ha!) please email asap and let me know so I can get it on the sorting list. Hope you all had a great weekend and again, thank you for once again demonstrating how a group of people who have most often never met face to face, can pull together to help a friend in need. You are all way beyond wonderful!

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HollyEQQ said...

Oh Sandy - I can't even begin to know what too say except Thank you.

Thank you to you and thank you to everyone else who made this possible.
I just can't describe what this means to me.

You are my hero.