Sunday, April 13, 2008

Web Update! The Sheep are back in Gear!

Yey sheep! Update mission accomplished! We have been dealing with MORE water/flood issues outside so appreciate your patience--sheep safety out there comes first over anything else.... They are fine, just have to watch the water level on the 'river Ryan' run off areas. We live at the bottom of a hill and with all the moisture we have had, there is no where for water to go right now. Scary to have such spongy ground too..... I am ready to be done with Spring and we are not even there yet! ha!

Lots of great fiber on the site today including unwashed Romney wool from Fender (pictured) and it is his first ever shearing! He is a peach, he was one of five lambs we purchased from Kendra's flock--they were my Christmas present--what a great hubby Jim is huh? :0) They are from the McNair Romney flock owned by friends of ours so you all know how great the wool will be!

Also tried something new (well something I forgot I loved to do) and added some hand dyed Firestar to the dyed fiber page. I added the fiber into the Bluebird and Spring Corriedale dye pots--wa-la, matching firestar!! Too fun! Watch for more of that because it is too cool!

Also have lots of new roving and a few Crazy Quilt batts--be sure to have a browse! Hope all is well and that you are all enjoying a fibery peaceful weekend! Cheers!

PS-- be sure to check out our Holly's site tonight, I hear she is updating too! She is a color wizard for sure!

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