Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amazing Linda Batts!!

OK everyone, if you have not perused my friend Linda's site, highly recommend it!! I purchased a few of her new batts a few weeks ago and I had WAY too much fun spinning them! I bought a few different batts and spun them all together, with some strips of shredded silk scarves for a little contrast and texture change! love the yarn, love the batts--be sure to check her out!! (PS- there are a few Linda batts on the Holly pages--get them before me for sure!!)

Been a little colder again and I swear the sheep have spring fever too--but are still enjoying the snow! They can be standing in one place, and all of a sudden are four feet off the ground! Then they tear off, head butt a buddy and take off the other direction--which leads to a very serious game of tag--one I don't want to play--they all play like tough little boys do! Crash and bang!! Otherwise, working on our update when I can drag the sheep away from playing and keeping Bobbi and Andrew from sneaking into the barn to eat all the cat's food. Turkeys! More tomorrow!!

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primdollie said...

thanks my dear friend for such wonderful raves about my work!! I sure am blushing!! and wow the yarn is stunning may need to spin some of my own now!!! will be adding more this weekend and carding more so thanks dear!! yours I have are the bomb and am hoarding them for some ME yarn!!! love ya Linda