Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain, I mean Ice, no snow, no rain???? argh

Well, hope everyone's weather is warm & DRY!! Werido weather here that is keeping the sheep inside (they do not appreciate that!) keeping company with Monte and Casper (horse and honkey donkey). They are ready to get back outside and play steam engine snorting fire for a good romp! Sorry sheeps and everyone, too cold and nasty to be out in the rain--:0)

We will be adding new Holly items tomorrow so be sure to check out the site and also hoping the sheep will be able to knuckle down and get their update done too? Let's hope!

And again, thank you so so much for following our Circle the Wagon fundraiser for our friend HollyEQQ! You are all providing her immeasurable comfort as she waits for her appointments to pan out--you are all just the best. Have some fun though, lots of items available for sale and auction! Be sure to check out Holly's site also--I hear there might be an update tonight??? Remember, she is a fiber/color wizard!! Bwaaahahahahaha! Over and out for now--more tomorrow!

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