Saturday, February 02, 2008

Circlin' the Wagons!

A happy snowy day to you all! The sheep just finished an update to the site that also includes the 'kick off' of our Circlin' the Wagons for our Holly! I am sure you all have heard me rave about Hollyeqq's talent with color, fiber and yarn? If not, be sure to visit her store!! Holly is a dear friend and when we found out she was facing some major medical issues, the sheep and all the friends of Holly & the Homestead started putting their noggins together for ways to help Holly out.

We wanted to help defray the cost of things like lodging (she is traveling far from home for surgery), meals, fuel for her car and possibly babysitting services for her beloved Abilene (grayhound). We are starting out with items for sale and will be adding silent auctions and a raffle very soon. Have some fun AND help a fellow fiber artist that needs a little extra care.

Our friends Lexi Boeger and Linda of the Yarn Museum are currently hosting a yarn challenge to benefit Holly so be sure to check that out and get in on the action!!

Anyone is welcome to participate, and if you choose to donate an item to be sold for Holly's benefit, please contact me via email or check out our site for details! Paint your Wagon and follow us!!!

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primdollie said...

Hurray and off the wagons go!!!hope you got my pics and will be sending more soon!! the yarns and all that are posted are wonderful here's to getting our miz Holly well again!!! xoxo Linda