Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Day Update Today!

Here are today's stars! The farthest picture is Ruby, an old Suffolk girlie who retired here, and unbeknownst to us, was preggers! She is the sweetest girl ever (I always say that don't I??) and is the old 'type' Suffolk, one that has legs strong enough to hold her frame--the US Suffolks of today tend to be big as a pony and have stick thin legs--leads to what our Woolamina sheep endured--lots of foot trouble and arthritis at the age of 3. Sad. However, Ruby loves to um, nap, and keep up with her little family. She gave us two wonderful babies--Frannie (middle) and Tater(far right).

Frannie looks much like her mama and has the fleece characteristics of a soft, almost curly crimp and long locks like their Corriedale papa. Tater has much the same but has longer locks, less crimp--both great for ANY project for sure!

They live in Bobbi and Andrew's group (our Great Pyr's) and I swear, Ruby is shameless when it comes to a good face wash from Bobbi--can you imagine? ick! Bobbi sleeps curled up with Ruby and it is priceless, some day I am going to be able to sneak out and get a picture of them!

If you missed their fleeces on last week's update, watch for the end of the week update, I saved back some of each fleece, combined them, washed and dyed them--as soon as they are dry, you will be seeing them!!! Yey!

I am off to sort through fleeces, will have lots of new unwashed wool, dyed fiber, yarn, Holly items and some surprises! Remember, shearing is coming soon BUT we never run out of fleeces here--if you are looking for something please email!!

Check out Holly's update, Linda's , Elle's and of course Carolyn's site in the meantime! Over and out!

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HollyEQQ said...

YOU SOLD Ruby and Frannie Fleeces?@??!?!??!
THose are my girls. Hmpphh. I luv me some Ruby and Frannie locks.
And Ruby sounds like she could be part Lazy Ass! Tooo funny.
Without your sheepie stories (and you) I would be lost.