Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Hello everyone! want to be sure to thank you ALL for participating through donation or purchase for Holly's fund! You are amazing and thank you so much! Helping carry her financial worries is very comforting to her right now and again, we can never offer enough thanks--the donations have all been spectacular--and purchases beyond generous!

The sheep managed to ignore the sun long enough to update the site today--our sheepy pictures today are (left) Lily, our Shetland (whose mama is our Shannon) and Baaxter (twin to Piper and their mama is Abigail). Baaxter is one of the infamous McNair Romney sheep and we have new offerings on the dyed fiber page from both Lily and Baaxter. Also new items on the roving page and unwashed page--be sure to take a look!

On our roving page you will find some of Humphrey's camel fiber for sale--the proceeds from this sale are going straight to our friend Elle of vintagek who is working hard to help her brother pay for his cancer treatments. It is a hard time right now for her family and of course, the sheep want to help. SO, don't miss out and help the sheep help Elle..... Over and out for now--will be updating yarn pages this weekend and more fiber so keep an eye out!!

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