Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One scary reason to protect our sheep!! eek!

Wowser! This is a WI cougar and a family north and east of us snapped these pictures (hope they don't mind me scamming them from the email my sister in law sent me!). Here is the caption that came with the pictures:

Beware-when traveling "up north". FOR MY FRIENDS WHO ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE ANIMALS OF WISCONSIN, THIS IS A WISCONSIN COUGAR.Spooner is 6 miles from Shell LakeFrom a guy out in Spooner WI, pictures taken from his kitchen onto his deck. The cat was watching his little kids playing on the kitchen floor.

Wowser again and eek!! We have never seen a couger here in our part of WI but when I lived in Baraboo (further north) I did hear them yowling away in the woods at night. We watched the owner's dairy cows really close--never let them have their calves in the fields! Here we worry mainly about coyotes and their stray dog pals. When people abandon dogs out here thinking they will find a farm home, some do but others start to run with the coyotes. SO, that is why we have llamas and Great Pyrenees, and I hope never to have to cope with some bad thing in our pastures or flock!

The coyotes here are naughty but so far we have an agreement of sorts. They are very respectful of Bobbi and Andrew, who would love to get their teeth into them. However, they love to tease the dogs at night, running right down our boundary fences like, 'hey, I know you can't get me, nana nana neener.'

Bobbi cured that sassy coyote one day when we were out feeding the sheep--almost sunset and she was sitting all crouched down by the back fence. All of a sudden we heard the most horrid scary movie screeches! There was Bobbi with the coyote by the nose through the fence. She got sick of him taunting her so she waited for him, he got too close and got a good nosebleed out of the deal. He was fine, but ran off into the back woods howling every step. He was NOT happy. They don't tease Bobbi any more! :0)

Bobbie, Andrew and the llamas --oh and of course Casper the donkey are all my heros--but it is scary to me also that Bobbi is so willing to 'step up'. Argh.

Anyway, working on our update--the sheep are having breakfast salads (hay) right now so no getting them to work for a while! :0) Over and out!


HollyEQQ said...

Good thing you aren't traipsing out to the frozen portapotty any more at night!
And I am sure glad you got the house fixed and aren't sleeping on the porch either. That cat is scary big.
Although I am sure that Bobby and Andrew would protect you. Plus, if a cat got anywhere near you the sheep would be going nuts.
They would hop in the gator and come save you!

primdollie said...

wow now that is a scary site to see and way too close for comfort for me if he is peeking in my back door YIKES!! keep Bobby and Andrew close by at all times I'd say!! stay save and no mishaps with the sheep!! Hugs Love Linda