Monday, February 25, 2008

Today's update--and stars!

Well, the sheep and I pooped out on the second part of our update so check out new fiber--dyed, unwashed AND some pretty cool batts today! Tomorrow we will be adding new awesome Holly items, handspun yarn and 3 Chic Knit items!

Today's stars are: Casey our North Country Cheviot (her best friend is our Speedy sheep), Bram our Shetland (his best friend is Vaughan) and Steeler a Merino cross who spends his time keeping the group of boys in line--he is top sheep! All three of the sheep have fleeces on the unwashed pages and next week you will see more of their fiber all dyed up and maybe even carded--wheeeee! Have to get a handle on my attachment to their fleeces--I cannot believe shearing time is so close--ugh! Better keep at the fleeces or we will have no place to put them but in the entire new basement--NOPE! Hope you are all well, more fun items tomorrow so please stop back in!

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