Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our Speed Racer--or Crash?

Here's 'the man'! Our wonderful Frank (Jim's Dad) gifted this gorgeous little Saturn to Ross--and you can see how happy he is with his first ever car! Thank you Frank!

It is such a cute car but with as tall as Ross is, we had some concerns that he would have to sit with his head out of the sun roof to drive--turns out it is not the case--he just sits in the back seat--hahaha! What a happy day! He is still a little nervous about the car so it is spending plenty of time being admired in the driveway--he has had it out to town once and to the neighbor's picnic Monday. We are pretty sure that won't last long! OH, and he hides the keys--the sheep have been begging to take it for a spin--bwaaahahahahaha! Jim says at least then they will leave the Gator alone??! :0)

Working toward a big update on the site today and this week so keep an eye out! Lots of dyed fiber, roving and our new 'clouds'--also will keep you posted as we get FedEx all set to go.... Happy fiber days!


HollyEQQ said...

San and Ross,
You won't feel so dang tall after you drive the car a bit more and the seat squishes down a bit.
I have the same problem, and with my Toyota Tercel, I could barely get my butt behind the wheel. My dad laughed at me cause I didn't fit in my own car, my knees were jammed up under the stearing column, and the rest of me, well, I was as far in the back seat as I could get. But now it is a fine fit! Darn seats just have too much fluff in them.
I love the Saturn. It looks like just the car a graduate needs to find him some honey and hay!!! Oooppsss, wait that is the sheepies! Mmmmm... maybe it applies too?
Speaking of which, where are you going to put my big old boxes in that little thing? You will have to be creative but careful.
I can now fit me, the big mama jamma spinning wheel, a card table, a folding screne, 2 or 3 tubs of fiber and 4 big overnight bags full of yarn and FO's, 5 glass bricks, two huge display baskets, and one hanging rack! And that is not even using the trunk!
Might I suggest getting some old blankets at the thrift store? And I use them to protect the leather on the doors when using my 2 door as a pickup truck. They also come in handy for other things too, like hauling dirt or dirty dogs.
I keep towels over my seats too because it is easier to clean off the sand and that helps to protect them somewhat! You know, in case I get a HOT DATE!! :0

Anonymous said...

Hello Homestead! Just wanted to say congrats to Ross on the sporty new ride! Also, MANY thanks to you for all of your support and encouragement throughout our preparation for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk! We are so thrilled with all of your efforts, and really just wanted to thank everyone for taking part in such an important event. We will proudly walk for all of you!