Thursday, May 17, 2007

Congratulations ROSS!

Today is such a special day, had to re-run the boobie picture of our wonderful son Ross! He is a blessing and we are proud to be attending his high school graduation later this evening!!!! We are SO proud of him!

Thought this would be a 'good' time to share my favorite story he wrote for an assignment in school, I believe it must have been 3-4th grade? No date on it so just a guess! Here goes:


My name is Ross. I like to be a lumberjack. It's four o'clock it's time to get up and eat breakfast. Next we are going out to chop down some trees. We load the logs onto sleds pulled by oxen back to camp. After that we srive them down the river to the mill at the mouth of the river. In the mill where the logs come in saws cut them in to pieces. After we are done with that we go eat lunch. Today we had roast beef and chicken soup. Last week was cold but this week it is colder. I have three partners; Hambone, Dan and Derek. We work on loading the slays and pile stacking. After winter I went home to my family and my pets. During the summer, I go fishing with my son. I have a job on a farm. I do chores like milking, plowing, cleaning stalls and feeding. Last summer the crops weren't good cause we had little rain. This summer we hope to have better luck this year. I plow corn fields adn pea fields every Thursday. I like to go horse back riding to the lake. When I get there I go swimming for one hour. -By Ross

Funny how so much of that applies today? Ironic and beyond cute! I am sure he will appreciate me sharing that with everyone too! :0) He plans to attend college for video game development/creation and stay here working in our family business for now.... I hope for a very long time! Happy day Ross, you are the best and we are so so proud of you!

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HollyEQQ said...

We are proud of you too!
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