Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy mother's day to all of you, who are wonderful, wise and even if you do not have your own children, touch people's in a special way--living a good life! Will be sharing more thoughts on my own wonderful mom's this evening--heading for a day of fun with my mom shortly!

If you met our little Pippy in the last post, this group of sheep is her family--owned and loved by our friends Carl & Becky not far from our farm. They are Jacobs and each year we are lucky to sell their fleeces for them! I will be adding some beautiful colored wool tonight so please stop back--lilac is a 'common' theme in the color of the flock and how fun is THAT?

Also pictured is the latest 'victim' of my scissors! Can a cute cotton shirt with raised polka dots and swirly silk scarves turn into yarn? You bet! Watch for more updates, almost ready to ply this yarn up....

As you visit with your friends and families today, please hug everyone you love every chance you get! I am off to smooch up my wonderful mom!!! :0)

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primdollie said...

looks like new fun on the way!!! Hope your day was wonderful sweetie!!! hugs to you!! Linda