Friday, May 11, 2007

Welcome Pipsqueak!

Oh my, isn't she just CUTE? This is our little Pipsqueak (aka Pippy). She was a twin and the mama decided she didn't want her so our friend raised her to come here and keep Sunny company! Wheee!

She is a Jacob sheep and will turn into a lovely Lilac shading if her current color is any indication.... She has taken an immediate shine to Ross and thinks he should be spending his entire day sitting under their tree, mainly to have her snuggled up! :0)

Kelly is glad to have her here, she was getting tired of Sunny's rudeness--he is a baby and babies need to play--Kelly is tool old to run all day! SO, even though Sunny is glad for the younger company, he is jealous too--does not want her near me. What a silly. I don't remember having a lamb so jealous of another lamb? Goofy sheep!

It is gorgeous outside today so am planning a big day of sorting fleeces--for those of you waiting on your orders AND the website--keep an eye out! Hug everyone you love every chance you get....


Anonymous said...

Morning Sandy! Pipsqueak is soooo cute....I'm going to get in first and reserve some fleece from that babies first shearing!
Have been sending good vibes and love your way - take care:-) xoxo

primdollie said...

forgot to tell you how cute he was the other day when you sent his pic what a doll! love the little polka dots my fav of course!! hugs Love Linda