Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Questions and babies!!! :0)

Hello all! Had the happiest mother's day--a great little sheep named Athena had healthy happy TWINS! She is one of Ross' Cotswold sheep who arrived here to retire--pregnant. Ugh!
She is a wonderful mama and has a boy and a girl. The little boy has a slight issue with his lower jaw but it is not affecting him much at all. They are all healthy, happy and jumping around like jumping beans today! Yey! Ross is working on names for the two so will keep you posted. We still have Fancy and Chanel (Athena's friends) that we believe to be pregnant and if they are (and not faking it), they should have their babies this week. Keep your fingers crossed for our girls!!!

I see on the comment part of the blog that you have questions about our raffle-- and all of the money raised through the raffle is being donated (every cent) to support Team Nancy/Claire-which is made up of my two younger sisters, who are walking the Loooooonnng Avon walk the first weekend of June in Chicago. If you visit our website, we have an entire page that gives all the info, links and such all in one place! The sheep still think they can go, we will have to be veeery careful to not leave our keys unsupervised closer to that time! ha! Have a happy day--raining today, will be a happy pasture and hayfield for sure!

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