Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shipping and Emails....

Ok, couldn't resist posting this picture--my Dad went fishing on Lake Michigan last week, had the best weather, the best time and doesn't this remind you of a picture from 'way back'? I was going to turn it to a sepia tone and see if it even looked more like one but forgot! My Dad is on the far left--he is the most wonderful man I have evern known and I could not have asked for a better Dad--ever. I adore him and am so grateful for the way he is 'there' for my cutie pie Mom as she navigates through chemo for her breast cancer. He has been strong, protective, caring, silly, sweet and a wonderful example for my own son and nephew on how to be a good man....he always knows just the right words to say to her--and us. I love you Daddy O!

Now, about shipping and emails, as you have probably heard/noticed, I am moving a little slower than our 'normal' with those two parts of our business. My hubby's mom Claire is battling her own cancer and our time is spent taking care of her and being sure her needs are met. Please bear with us as we work through this time with her, we adore her and are going to miss her so much--but are definitely here for all of you too. Just on a slower pace for a little while. Thank you for your patience. I often promise shipping dates and I am sure you see the date may be off a few days but I hope you can understand and if you have ANY questions please email!! It is always good to hear from you!

Planning another update of unwashed and washed fleeces this weekend so keep an eye out--hug your loved ones every day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy, Take care of the ones you love....what a nice compliment to your Dad!!! I miss mine....Penny

HollyEQQ said...

I love you.

primdollie said...

love this pic and what a handsome dad!!! aren't dads the best!!!! big hugs to him and mom and you of course!!! thinking of ya! Love ya Linda