Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ok, time to 'schedule' the keys????

This SO cracks me up! Jim & Ross have been waiting YEARS to have a farm vehicle to mow, plow and just do chores with here on the farm--wa-la, they drove every model they could find and decided on a John Deere Gator--4x4 with lots of great 'extras' that will make our life on the farm way easier--specially for old me!

It just arrived last night so Jim is getting to know his new toy, unfortunately for Ross, Ross is at his dad's for the weekend and has to wait til NEXT WEEK to have his turn! Poor Ross!

This morning we went out to feed and this is what we found--our wonderful old barn kitty Rocket, waiting to get chores underway! He did NOT want to give up the driver's seat! Too too funny, and I guess Jim decided to let him drive? With a few instructions first--looks to me that Rocket is taking notes! My hubby is lost to me now--but way happy! :0)

I am going to be updating the site this weekend with new dyed fiber and hopefully more unwashed wool. Have lots of fibery/spinning plans so we'll see how fast I go! Keep an eye out and hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Boys and their toys Sandy. I bet that Gator will clock up alot of miles before the novelty wears off!