Friday, May 25, 2007


Well, our recent trips to the post office have been an adventure--SO, we are now setting up for a pick up from Federal Express- we will be shipping with them as long as the rates are less expensive for you! Otherwise, we will stay with the USPS but for now, the new rates and size restrictions are daunting! Ugh! SO, please know we are working on better options for you!

The shawl in the picture was my first using one of my new favorite fibers-- superwash Merino/Viscose mill ends, another effort to 'recycle' fiber that would otherwise have not been used. It is soft soft and just lovely, the edging on the shawl is part of a skein of handspun corn fiber from - a great place in our neighboring Iowa that offers some beautiful, unique spinning fiber created with corn! It is wonderful yarn and I am working on spinning some of my own that will be available on the site soon....

The sheep are happily getting round--the grass is good and we are almost to the time of our first hay cutting of the year. The sheep are very happy about that--a full barn of hay for the winter is always good!

We are working on getting back on schedule here after the loss of Jim's mom so continue to appreciate your patience with us. The drawings are coming up too--FOUR winners this month so don't miss out--the drop spindles are beautiful and there will be some special Crazy Quilt batts to go with them! Have a wonderful weekend, planning Sunday/Monday for only wool sorting so new fleeces to post soon! Be sure to add yourself to our sheepy fan club to receive notices of updates, etc! Happy weekend to you all!


Donna B said...

I am glad to have found your blog! I am almost finished washing up the georgeous Romney wool, enjoying the suri and the extras....thanks so much.

HollyEQQ said...

Hey Sandy
Send me an invoice for 4 tickets, once for each drawing! I keep forgetting to do that and I don't want to miss the drawing this time!!

HollyEQQ said...

Oh, and I adore the Merino/viscose too. It is hard to describe but it spins up and dyes like a dream. It is not too soft, but just glamorous. Did you see the Bruise Bag on my site? It has about a week before it expires and I am spinning that bad boy up!!
I am going to order more when I get the 20 Kilos of Merino situated.