Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ta-Da! New Raffle, Web Update and more!

OK! The May fiber raffle is up and on the move! There will be FOUR winners chosen this month so don't miss out! Each winner will receive two drop spindles and 8 ounces of Crazy Quilt fiber from the sheep to get you on your way to a new spinning adventure!

The spindles were generously donated by our friends Oneida and Jon of Ma & Pa's Spindles , Monroe--thank you SO much! They are handcrafted and beautifully finished... a joy to spin with!

I have also updated the website with some wonderful washed and dyed fiber so be sure to take a look around! I will be adding new fleeces this week so be sure to stop by often--also almost ready to launch the new line of yarn!

Uh, oh, mutiny in the pasture--have to go wrestle the keys to the new Gator mobile from the sheep! Who knows where they would end up tonight! ha!


HollyEQQ said...

Sandy:" What is that noise Jim?"
Jim: "Nothing honey, go back to sleep!"

Naughty Sheep whisper:"They turn the key in the silvery thing - just do it... we can get to the Honeys and the Hay at the neighbors faster with that thing. Plus, if we don't have to hoof threw the fields, we won't get burrs so Mom won't be nearly as mad!!! And did you see how Mom laughs when they go over bumps in the Gator. I want to go over bumps really fast!"
Nice Sheep:" But you don't know how to drive?"
Naughty Sheep:" It can't be that hard, they make kids toys that look just like it. I am a sheep, not an idiot"
Nice sheep:" You go ahead. I am gonna wait for Mom to get up and then talk to her about a ride. Remember how much trouble you got in when you went to see the Honeys and the Hay the last time the fence was broken. I told you she would be mad!"
Dogs wake up to see what the rucus is about: "Oh lord, We are not chasing that thing. You guys just rest. We are tired from running off the wolf. We can't go off at this time of night. MOm is gonna be PISSED. You guys just lay back down, Mom will be up in the morning and then you can tell her all about it."
Dalai Lhama: "Give peace a chance."
Naughty sheep pile in gator and head off for a night of Honeys and Hay hollering "mwaahhhaahhh!"

Hope the gator makes it home in one piece. Sheep aren't known for their cattle driving skills and the dogs might have figured it out, but since they didn't go, I hope you had insurance!

Maia said...

What lovely prizes!

I have a question about the raffle tickets. Do we get tickets for a particular person or team?