Friday, June 01, 2007

Thank you from us all!

You are all wonderful! Friends of the Homestead just donated $706 to support my sisters Jen and Kris in the Avon walk--TOMORROW! I hope they have comfy shoes--and maybe some special 'drinks' to get them through those 30 miles! Jenny told me she will get to the finish if she has to crawl--we are so proud of both our girls! They are walking for our mom Nancy, who is bravely battling BC (and doing quite well I should mention-we are proud of her too!!) and in memory of our Claire (Jim's mom who passed away last week after her battle with cancer). There are also several other people close to our family who have recently been diagnosed so they will be with the girls every step of the walk in spirit. As we will--and thanks to all of YOU, the sheep have finally agreed to STAY HOME and not participate in the walk! Yey! I am still going to keep an eagle eye on them though--I was not born yesterday!!!!

We will continue to fund raise for BC research this summer and to support the hospice center in Madison that helped us take such good care of Claire in her final weeks. We will offer different items all summer and the entire proceeds will be donated to the cause--in the purchaser's name.

I am working on spinning 'Kindred Spirit' yarn (to benefit hospice)--from beautiful Merino and Blue Face Leicester roving that my good friend Martie (of sent me to 'play with--which of course means SPIN!!! Watch for that yarn--I am done with the first ply and plan to get the second ply finished this weekend.... Bwaaahahahahaha!

Again, we could not have done this with out all of you and we are so grateful! The winners of this month's drawings are: Andrea Dejarlais, Heather Spellman, Rachel Johnston and Pat Retlick--congrats and fun packages coming your way next week!!!! Adore you all- The sheep, the Ryans and family

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Kristie Hilton said...

I would just like to say a giant THANK YOU to Sandy and her wonderful customers!! Sandy has been awesome with her diligent fundraising efforts on Jen's and my behalf for the walk this weekend. She's been a great support to us and I know Jen and I couldn't have been as successful as we have been without her dedication to our mission. We'll be thinking of everyone as we do our 39 mile walk through Chicago this weekend. Thank you again, and Sandy - much love to you.