Friday, June 08, 2007

Flashback AND alternative fiber handspun!

Well, I finally got the sheep's new line of yarn onto the site!! You see here the 'flashback' to a previous entry to the journal--picture number one is a pretty cotton shirt, complete with raised polka dots, and silk scarves I found at the thrift store--they are now shredded, most into yarn (some waiting in the wings!). I also added ribbon, ribbon/beaded flowers and some pretty cotton novelty yarn--all in one ply. The second ply is dyed Corn Fiber--so--wa-la-- just one of our new alternative fiber handspun yarns! THe second picture is the result of my shirt/scarf shredding, the third is a completely corn fiber (both roving AND crimps!) two ply. Wheee! We have had lots of requests for alternative fiber handspun so the sheep got busy and went shopping for fiber and I am working on lots of fun yarn! More in the works including Linen/Viscose blend, Ramie and more! Keep an eye on the site for sure....

I will be adding some new spinning fiber this weekend including Merino/Viscose blend mill ends (recycle!) dyed by yours truly and lots of wool--even some from our little Goliath sheep!

Hope all is well and happy fiber art!


primdollie said...

Oh these are wonderful and what a lot of work dear but sure are fabulous!!!! can see you have been a busy girl chasing those sheep around the yard and all!!!! hehehe!! love ya Linda

HollyEQQ said...

I adore the new "Summer Line"!!
As usual, you are amazing.