Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A day in a sassy critter's life.....

Yes, this is our 'sweet' Dalai Llama, who is the caretaker and protector of our group of boy sheep. He and his sheep live on the largest pasture we have--a good guess would be 10 undivided acres? (next year they split it and share with the girls!) Sounds pretty great huh? Apparently NOT. The face Dalai is so aptly portraying in the picture is what he must have looked like when the neighbors found him, and his 33 sheep, in the fencerows next to their newly growing cornfield? Ugh. Thankfully our neighbor called and by the time I grabbed shoes, ran out (cussing mightily I might add), they were magically back in the BARN giving me that oh so innocent look that sheepily says-- hey, nice to see ya. Arrrrggghhhh!

SO, as a result of that incident, a check of the fence (while we so carefully mowed the thistles and burrs for them that night), indicates this is not the first time they have ventured out of their friendly confines. Now we are beyond sass. They are now a very unhappily grounded bunch, having to live on the smaller pasture (with plenty of grass mind you) til we get the fencing together to get the hillside done. Ugh. They are not happy and let me know it every time I show my face. Dalai's face is going to freeze that way I swear! ha! Wait til he hears haircuts are coming soon for him and Chaquita! bwaahahahahaha!

More on this fact soon, sassy dogs this time! Our live is never dull! If you are looking for new fiber, be sure to look through the website this week, have major new fleeces AND dyed selections to post soon. In the mean time, check out my friend Carolyn's wonderful site and see all the great selections there too!! She offers great spinning fiber, doll hair options and be sure to take a look at her doll reroot options--she is amazingly talented! More soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your email about your animals wanderings. Caring for them and collecting them from the neighbors property must be a full time job for both you and Jim. Please stay in touch. RITA

HollyEQQ said...

I told you Dhali was going to figure out how to hotwire that Gator!!!
Them bad sheepies left and he had to go supervise to make sure they didn't get in too much trouble, uh huh!

Did you tell them the Spinsters were going to come up and get them with their needles if they get burrs in their hair?
That will scare them straight!
No more honeys and hay for them... although in this case, it is honeys and corn.