Monday, June 04, 2007

They made it!!!!

And we never doubted you for a minute! These are my wonderful sisters Kristie (left) and Jenny (right) who (along with all of you) were responsible for keeping our naughty sheep home at the farm this weekend! They walked over 39 miles with 3700 other walkers through Chicago. They walked half the walk, camped over Saturday night and got right back up Sunday to complete the walk--amazing women they are for sure! Thank you!

And thank you to Jenny's hubby Kevin's friends at Orbitz who got together to reserve an executive suite right downtown for our Mom and Dad to stay the weekend. They drove the walk route down Lake Shore Drive--completed the walk too--cheering on the walkers all the way! Dad even wore a pink polo shirt--woot woot! Mom managed her chemo treatment to allow her to be there when the walkers arrived at Soldier's Field--it was an overwhelming moment for her to see all the people, volunteers, walkers AND hear that the Chicago walk had helped raise $8.8 million toward BC research! Amazing!

Thank you also for wrapping all your good thoughts around Jim's mom Claire--we miss her to bits and she was honored to be included in your walk...

Everyone is back home now--nursing their poor feet--and taking a day to sleep off the soreness. Under neath it all though, they should be so proud of their accomplishments--it was not an easy two days for either of them and they made it through--so so wonderful and we are so proud! Love you both and thank you again Friends of the Homestead for your support!!!


Jenny Brown said...

MANY thanks to all of your for your support and encouragement as we prepared for our walk!! Your generosity helped us along. It was an amazing experience, and you should all be proud to know that you contributed to a record-setting year for Chicago's breast cancer walk. Over 3,600 walkers and $8.3 million raised. Way to go!!!

HollyEQQ said...

Yeah!!! What an amazing experience.