Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A thank you from my beautiful mom....

Attending the Avon Walk Against Breast Cancer was a deeply moving experience for my husband and me. To see such a large number of people (more than 3,600) gathered together for one cause was awesome. All those walkers were backed by wonderful people like you, who gave of their time and money to help defeat breast cancer. $8.3 million was raised on the walk.

I am so proud of you Sandy. And I am grateful to all of your friends who participated in the raffles and helped you reach such a phenomenal goal. You all were there Saturday and Sunday, encouraging Kristie and Jenny and all the walkers.

Thank you all so much. Maybe someday breast cancer will be a disease of the past and you all will have helped.

My thanks and love to all of you,

Sandy's Mom - Nancy


HollyEQQ said...

Ok, I started watering up with the previous post (dad in the pink polo cheering), but then this one did me in - full on tears and sobs.
Mom - you are an amazing proud woman and our little bit to help was the LEAST we could do.
Thank you for raising such a nice family and thanks to Sandy for allowing us to be a small part of it.
Kisses to you all.

p.s. Don't think this was totally unselfish on our part - the thought of the sheepies trapsing down there in "our" fleeces did us in. We couldn't run to Paypal quick enough!!

primdollie said...

How wonderful what a sweetie she is and amazing!!!!!and I can see where you get your good looks from too!!!! hehehe!! hoping she is feeling well! sending you both huge hugs!!! Love ya Linda