Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Wednesday!

Hooray for being 'back on track' I say! The dyepots are full, the drying nets are full and I am getting back to our routine! Yey! I just added a bunch of new roving to the site , with plenty more dyed and washed wool to follow--hoping by the weekend.

Been spinning LOTS so have a yarn update in the works, more alternative fiber handspun, lash yarn and almost lash yarn too! Wheee!

The sheep are watching over the first cutting of hay of the year--and wishing they could belly up and gallop through the field! Not! We have two loads of small bales in the loft so far and a big round bale was delivered when our friend's tractor ran over a deer antler (they shed them in the fall each year) and his tire popped like a balloon! We will have to take the gator up and pick rocks (landscaping material!) and any other stray antlers we find so the field is a little safer for farm equipment.

My wonderful mom and dad are coming to visit briefly tomorrow to measure our back porch--which will soon become a new fiber 'work' room! It will house our picker, mechanical carder and maybe even my tri-loom-- how fun is that? AND to have your own dad and his friend Dennis working on it? Just too special. AND if that was not enough, we are using almost all recycled building supplies. Lots of windows too--yey!

SO, the sheep survived balloon rally weekend and are busy watching the goings on--- and enjoying a few cooler days. We could really use some rain but we are crossing our fingers that it waits a few more days so we can bale up the last of our first cutting hay!! Hope all is well with everyone and that you are enjoying lots of fiber fun!!

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Vern Noodleman said...

When you speak of "poodle yarn" are you referring to actual poodles? If you are, I would like to know how long the poodle hair would have to be to spin it into yarn. Where do you get it? Do you raise poodles for their wool? Thanks! -VERN