Friday, June 15, 2007

Updates and felted fiber????

Good morning all!! Just wanted to thank you for letting us know our site went over on bandwidth last night--not sure what that means but it is fixed so be sure to watch the website this weekend! I have more roving, dyed fiber and more to update--a little behind on that but chugging away!

Didn't remember if I ever formally 'introduced' our Etsy shop? We have been posting some fun items there, from wool to handknit items from 3 Chic Knits AND lots of other sundries for plying, drop spindles, etc... Have a look when you get a few minutes, we are adding to the shop often with the oddlot items I have been collecting for sale--another reasonably priced place to shop with our sheep (and we happily combine shipping with Etsy and website purchases!)!

Also, I am almost ready to send out the raffle winner packages (Monday!), just have to get my carder outside tomorrow for a day of fun in the shade, and carding galore! Crazy batts on the way and thank you for your patience!!

Last but not least, ever wondered what you could do with a fleece that was accidentally felted during washing??? A friend (who will remain nameless, even though we have all done this at least once!) sent me a pound or so of fleece that met that situation in the washer--I went ahead and dyed it up and now that it is dry, I am working on some incredibly crazy, cool yarn! Stay tuned for more as I get the skeins off the bobbins!! bwwwaaaahahahahaha!

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HollyEQQ said...

Ha!!! Felted a batch of fiber at LEAST once or 20 times!My washer doesn't autostop so if I get distracted - it is toast!
I have two big bags of felted locks that look like a Flakoti rug, if you find yourself in need of more!