Thursday, June 14, 2007

Monsters in the sky--and cows are FLYING???

I was getting ready to go outside and feed the masses this morning--only to hear chaos outside my windows! Monte & Casper (the horse and donkey--don't let their picture fool you!) were screeching around their pasture, snorting like an old steam engine.

The sheep groups were each huddled in a circle, fussing and while Dalai Llama and Chaquita tried to keep them that way, Bobbi and Andrew (the Great Pyrenees) were barking and tearing at the fences, eager to 'get the monsters'.

I kept hearing noises that were not familiar--until I looked out and here is what I saw! Of course I raced out to take pictures--cows flew today! haha! One of the balloons landed in the field at the end of our road, and the spotters (people riding along in vehicles) were right there to scoop the balloon and people up and take them back to town.

Welcome to Monroe's world famous Balloon Rally! We are located as a crow flies about 10 miles or so from the airport, I am looking forward to a clear weekend and the night flying they do--but hope by then my critters 'remember' that this is the weekend for monsters in the sky!

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