Monday, July 28, 2008

A yard for the Ryans!

Hello everyone! We are behind on the update but it will be here soon--we have excavators here grading our yard so we can plant GRASS, FLowers and get our raised beds in for next year's veggies. Finally! This is the last outdoor step to being over our nightmare of the foundation collapsing last August--and we are READY to be done! Our place will looked cared about again and then we can start on the minor repairs inside. Phew.

Pictured is our old girl Magpie, a sweet goat who arrived here in pretty sorry shape. She is healthy now and lives with our old Kelly sheep in a special pasture where they can live with out other sheep who are younger and play harder. They will be happy to see a yard that they can help mow--they love to feel like they are 'escaping' and free!! They think they are sly, even though WE open the gate and let them out! Silly girls. You can read more about Magpie, Kelly and all their friends on our 'meet the sheep' pages.

There will be lots of unwashed fiber on our update, dyed fiber/roving and more! Keep an eye out and thank you for your patience!

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