Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fiber fun & sheep in the sun!

Happy day after the fourth!! Hope you all had a good time watching fireworks, picnics and of course FIBER!! I was cracking up at the sheep in Bobbi & Andrew's group--they were intent on taking off with the Gatormobile! I swear-- the picture of the spotted Jacob (Pipi) was taken right before she hopped up into the driver's seat! Of course she got out of there too fast for me to stop laughing and snap a picture! The second picture is our little Angus sheep--I think he IS the one who could figure out the key situation and take some sheep to town--or at least to party with the sheep next store.... Hee hee! You can read lots more and see new pictures too on our meet the sheep pages on the site!

It has been such a beautiful weather weekend, Jim has been out mowing pastures to get rid of thistles before they get too high (must not have in fleeces!) and I have been going between visiting the critters to spinning lots and lots of yarn.

This picture is yarn I am spinning on my new to me wheel that I purchased from my good friend Martie. The roving is Corriedale wool that started out a natural silvery color--and I dyed it up with navy blue. Just so pretty that I stashed it away--way back before the basement collapse last fall. I was a little afraid of the wheel, it is patterned to be similar to the antique walking wheels, but has a treadle which makes it so easy and comfy to sit and spin miles and miles of yarn from the quill. Here is a link to the maker's site for better pictures and such--it is a 'big wheel' and my studio does not allow manuevering for pictures!

I was a bit wound last night myself (hee hee) and could not settle into a project. I must have needed the karma attached to this wheel (a big thank you Martie!) because I sat down and spun ALL the blue Corriedale and started on the dark red/brown Romney cross I saved too--have about 2 pounds of the brown to spin so hope to get a dent into it this weekend while I can steal the time! Very soothing and must have needed the challenge a new wheel brings? Too fun!

Be sure to stop in tomorrow, the sheep already have lots of pictures ready for the update!

I hear through the grapevine that Holly will be updating tonight or tomorrow night too!! wheee!

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