Sunday, July 06, 2008

New updates and fun yarns!

Hello everyone--did you enjoy your weekend? And who would think the sheep are posting this 200th blog entry?? Wowser--and for an old dog learning a new trick she didn't want to learn originally, this has turned out to be great fun! Thank you all for staying tuned! This is the new Snaggle Tooth skein of yarn--you can find it on our Single Ply page. Too too fun and even 6 yards of lash yarn added to the end of the skein to have a matching trim for your project....

Our Max is also offering up his fiber--this round is seconds (Neck & leg fiber) that would be good for blending or stuffing--very little debris and a gorgeous red head he is! He now has a crush on our other llama Chaquita--their pastures are right next to each other and he pines on his side--while Chaquita just ignores his very existance! Poor Max!

This is a new fiber and oink snort me decided I have to share! It is rare Teeswater wool, very comparable to Wensleydale and Blue Face Leicester--this fiber will have to run through our picker but some locks still have the curl unbothered--just know this if you are planning to tail spin ok?

And THIS skein of yarn is a beauty created by our friend Daniela (will add her link as soon as I go look it up--or email me!) from Homestead fiber--she called it Sheep in the Meadow, big puffs of white fiber nestled into green single ply, AND if that wasn't cool enough, a little needle felted sheep to add to your finished project--just way too fun and what a great skein of yarn! Thanks for sharing pictures Daniela!

The sheep have finished today's update so be sure to have a look--look forward to hearing from you and happy Sunday!

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