Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A nice day does not an update make?!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Well, not completely for me, those sassy sheep are being very unco-operative with accomplishing an update today! (Really!). It is finally not as humid today with a great breeze. Whew. It has been pretty evil & from what I hear, we have today then the humidity creeps back in for Friday and highs over 90?? Gees. It is a tough time when you have a wool coat to carry, even though they were just sheared April 1-- so I have to sneak around on water tank fills all day so the sheep stay sleeping where they are cool and comfy. Otherwise, they see me and it is time to visit and they are just too hot. Better for them to rest.

However, today it is not an excuse--but here is old 'sleepy' Popeye, sleeping with one eye open to see if I will really crack the whip and get the sheep to work on things. :0) Actually, he always looks sleepy, just so easy going!

We will update tomorrow, promise (they SAID so) and it will include Molly's Romney cross wool (first picture), unwashed fiber (including Popeye's), 3 Chic Knits & new handspun that includes my fav besides wool--Bamboo!

And my mom has been busy busy knitting away--this is her latest shawl--a snuggly one made out of my handspun--and we have each stripe identified so it will be a 'story' shawl that includes all the names and pictures of the sheep where possible! She knit this up by long rows, leaving a fringe at the end of each row so the fringe even matches up with the stripes! Pretty cool huh??

If you need some fiber to shop in the mean time, check out our good friend Martie's brand new site-- lots of great finished items, yarn and fiber--just beauteous! And of course there is Carolyn's site and Linda's too--browse browse browse all sorts of goods!! More tomorrow..... :0)

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