Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mid-week fiber fun!

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going well--at least it is a short work week?? :0)
Just finished updating the site so be sure to have a browse around! I did a bunch of fleece skirting (many I was hard pressed to share--oink snort) and one includes our Chaquita's blanket fiber--she is our gorgeous llama who watches over our 'flock' of goaties! She has four to look after and she takes her job very seriously--always on the look out for trouble.... Her favorite is Odey--he likes to go off and cause trouble by head butting the other goats, then running to hide out under Chaquita's tummy--knowing full well that nobody would DARE to challenge him there! Silly but she thinks Odey is her baby--too fun and cute!
I also added a new yarn to the single ply page called Snaggletooth. I had SUCH a great time spinning the yarn--it is made up of mainly wool (dyed & natural) and lots of other goodies including cotton, ramie, recycled soda bottles and way more!! As I spun it up, I also added in some curly Cotswold locks dyed a bright sunshiney color. Fun fun fun!!
We will be updating again on Sunday so be sure to check back in--hope you all have a wonderful Fourth! (if you go to the fireworks, please leave your pets safe at home ok?)

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primdollie said...

Yoo hoo where are you?? hope all is well and hope not too hot!! we had more rain all day till about 3:30ish and now finally done and should be better and dry tomorrow! and not too hot! then upper 80's by Sun and all next week! YUCKY!! thinking of you!! xoxo Linda