Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And not a creature is stirring......

Well Libby sure has the right idea this week! It is HUMID and HOT. Ugh. Everyone is laying low, staying in their favorite cool spot out of the sun. The llamas are busy wading in the water tanks and we have been lucky enough to have a good breeze--or this weather would be murder.

Been working on new dyed/washed fiber for tomorrow's update, yarn and skirted fleeces. If you are in an area that is too dry to use lots of water to wash fleeces, we are happy to wash fiber for you--on the same note, if you have never tried washing wool, we have some 'tips' from the sheep on our FAQ page--it really IS fun to see the dirty fleece turn out so pretty and white!

Off on another water run--at least we can play in the hose right? Monte (our horse) loves a nice shower any time we fill tanks. His favorite trick is to put his big old nose right on the end of the hose--resulting in a very nice shower (not always appreciated though) for his human family. Casper (honkey donkey) does not appreciate showers but does like to blow bubbles in the water tank. Silly donkey! Cheers for now!

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