Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack--hee hee!

Well, I am back from my overnight with Mom and Dad--it was SO fun! I spent the night there on Friday, hit the fiber/yarn show Saturday morning and then back home after a wonderful grilled cheese lunch! Thank you Mom & Dad for a great time!

The fiber show was a hoot, met in person some people I have only 'met' via email so have faces to put with names. Lots and lots of yarn, fiber and fun to be sure! Only came home with a few pounds of Kid Mohair locks from a seller who loves his critters as much as we do ours. Can't wait to spin them up! The sheep and critter family was glad to see me back home--specially my dog Moose. He did not appreciate me being gone and barked a happy hello when I walked in--for over 20 minutes! Funny but he sure can be loud! The guys did some fencing while I was gone--our Bobbi & Andrew sheep were sneaking out of one little spot in the fence to eat alfalfa out of our neighbor's hay field. Now mind you, they have over 15 acres to graze of their OWN, but grass is always greener right? Ugh. Not being good neighbors are they--naughty sheep! Working on an update, hope to have it ready tomorrow so keep an eye out--make sure you are on our email list--I send those out the minute I complete the update! Cheerio!

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