Friday, July 18, 2008

Sneaking to mom and dad's!

Ok, first, our update will be late Monday/Tuesday for this week, it is beyond miserable humidity wise and even with our dryers, the fiber does NOT want to dry! Sorry about that....

I am sneaking away from the critters today to go spend a night at my parents' house--and tomorrow, Mom and I will be visiting a FIBER FESTIVAL the next town over from their place!!! Wheeee! We were supposed to go last year but Mom was too sick from chemo so this is a special trip for us. She is great so off to have some fun now that the chemo is all over with. Here is where we are going- The Midwest Fiber & Folk Fair in Crystal Lake, IL. Anyone else heading that direction this weekend? I will be answering email as soon as I get back tomorrow (Saturday) so appreciate your patience. Moose has already hijacked my knitting--there was too much fun yarn in the bag for him to hide inside and ride along. AND, I have hidden the keys to my truck AND the Gator mobile so the sheep stay home. :0) More tomorrow!

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HollyEQQ said...

Naughty sheep:
Momma's gone! We can steel the gator to go get us some Honeys and hay!
Good Sheep:
No. She will be worried already - no need to add to her stress.
Baaahhhhd sheep:
But it is a golden opportunity.
good sheep:
baahhhd sheep:
wait? Where are the keys? They didn't leave them in the gator!! what are we gonna do???
good sheep:
that Momma, she is so smart!
baaaahhhh sheep:
Surely some of those old guys know how to hotwire that Gator.. they have seen Ross do it enough! Maybe the dogs can do it? They are so damn smart. THey have to be good for something.
good sheep:
no way. You are going to get electricuted! Remember what happened with the electric fence? You are going to end up looking like a crispy poodle!
bahhhhhd sheep:
we gotta find us some honeys and hay! The ladies are waiting for us! They are so hot! I helped Mom write an email about the sheep being hot. She must have been talking about the honeys next door! We gotta go man - they are waiting for us. It is a full moon!
good sheep:
no way. We are going to surround the gator until our MOm comes back so you can't get into trouble. Even Dalhi is goign to help us - you know Lhama's don't like trouble with their sheeps. Remember all the spit you got the last time you tried to run?
Then when she gets back, you can go jump the fence like normal sheep. Just don't mess up your fleeces or she is going to have you *gasp* neutered!

Big hugs - hope you didn't offend the sheepies by bringing home strangers locks! Or worse yet, new sheepies! It takes them so long to get them broke into the HOOD!