Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Update!

Update accomplished-- a little late in the day but we did it! The sheep are enjoying a very pretty day, not a lot of sun but a nice breeze and only about 70? Perfect sheep weather!! They are out eating up lots of fresh grass--thanks to the rain we got last night--not enough to flood (thank goodness) but enough to renew our hay field and pastures! They did however cooperate and get their work done--hee hee!

Today's update includes new roving, dyed fiber and unwashed fiber--including the Dalai Llama fiber (cool beans color) and Garth's Icelandic x wool (beautiful auburn/blondie). Such fun! Remember, fiber piglet me (oink snort) has a hard time parting with fleeces so get them before I change my mind--I EVEN added 2 pound of my Piper's silver Romney wool--be sure to check it all out!

We will be working toward two updates each week now so keep an eye out-- the sheep are having fun with dyepots and I am washing fiber like a fiend--also hoping for a few boxes to head this way from the mills soon-- fingers crossed!!

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