Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We made it!!

As you can see, our sheep are blissfully munching the newly renewed (drenched) grass in our big pasture! This is Shannon, our black Shetland girlie, she is an old old girl but loves to romp and play--keeping her baby Lily nearby (she is right next to Shannon in the picture) even though Lily is a grown up girl herself! They are a happy little family!

We are doing well here, so far so good, knock on wood--our water issues seem to be under control. The water IS out there, just heading somewhere besides our basement--the River Ryan even has a little water fall! We had a too close for comfort call with a tornado on Saturday but the only damage we have is two trees that got a bit twisted up. They are smaller trees/branches so we will save them in our campfire supply.

Our thoughts are definitely with all the weather/water victims in WI and the surrounding states. We hope things can settle down soon, and people can try to rebuild their lives. So sad.

I am behind (still and again) so am working toward a weekend update. I have a bunch of new fleeces from Graham & Margaret's sheep (sheared last week--rah!) and am working on dyeing up some new roving and locks--keep an eye out! Hope you are all safe and please keep in touch when you have time!! Over and out for now.....


HollyEQQ said...

Can you go skinny dipping in the River Ryan waterfall????
Or at least get a good massage?

Do you take a bath in it? You know, rub a dubb dubb three sheeps and Sandy in the tub???

Can you skim board on the river? Ross could get a boogie board out and practice for summer vacation?
The skim board is what we call a tooth breaker. You slide across the sand on about an inch of water as the wave draws back. Purpose - hmmmmm - break teeth?

You gotta rethink this River Ryan in a positive light - maybe you could put in a moat for the sheep to cross? You know, they just nudge the hay button and a wooden bridge pops up?
Or one of those cool old timey rope bridges - you can just see them playing on that thing. You know, where one smaller sheep gets on one side and then the bigger sheep jumps onto the bridge and it blows the little sheep up into the air like a cannon? At least they would land in the river!!!

Love ya much.
Your heat crazed Florida girl

primdollie said...

wow am glad I checked in here and am so worried about you email when you can ok and sure hope the tornadoes missed you!! the weather has been a nightmare for so many and hope you are not one of them!! stay safe and email ok!! sending hugs and prayers that all will be ok!! xoxo Linda