Monday, June 02, 2008

Scarves in Summer???

Yep, scarves in Summer, created for a Homestead friend who is carrying them all the way to a Russian orphanage this month! Thank you Eva and Eling for your beautiful yarns that matched up perfectly, along with one skein of my own handspun. I also knit up a pretty, fluffy pink scarf to send too--we already sent a box full of scarves, these are straggling because well, you know me, I spit on deadlines and work best at the last minute! It is fun to think of our scarves/spinning heading so far way to do good for others!

The sheep just finished updating the site, lots of pretty fiber and yarn--and even some new primitive hooked sheep from Dennis T.! Did you notice the pretty Sweet Pea doll?? This was a very thoughtful gift from my friend Carolyn--we spin the Peas in a Pod yarn together that is on our sites. Her friend created this primitive doll (just my style!) complete with peas in a pod, a pea pod leaf for a hat and the DRESS even has pea pods and words describing them--now how cool is THAT??? Thank you for the birthday gift Carolyn--I never would have guessed!! You will be seeing Sweet Pea more on the site in the future--as soon as we get our yarns completed!! Happy Monday!

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