Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hay Hay holey mackerel!

Lots to get caught up on today! Sorry about that--been a busy time. And no excuse but did not make it with a Father's Day post--sorry Dad and Frank. Isn't the fishing picture cool? Looks like an antique photo of a crazy fishing camp! What a haul from Lake Michigan that day--my Dad is the farthest to the left--all grins and giggles! Dad has been amazing forever, I love you Dad--you are my hero--even if I am afraid to go out in the boat with you! hee hee!

Frank is also an amazing man--keeping up with SIX children and taking very good care of Jim & I through our house collapse & the loss of Jim's mom Claire. Another hero in our lives--we are so lucky.... We love you Frank!

As for the grass picture--that turned into 1,000 bales of HAY! Winter salad bar for the critters--the sheep are very happy to see that. Hoping we get two more crops this summer so we have enough for the winter months.

We also had Jen & John visit to shear Llamas last weekend--what a freaking rodeo. Lucky they tip big or we might not have seen those two again! You are probably familiar with Jen, she and John rescue alpacas, llamas and guanacos. We thought if we started with Dalai (pictured) who is the best behaved, we would have a good start to the day. Wrong. He did NOT want to be caught, which is rare. SO, moved on to Max, who took his cue from Dalai. SO, moved on to the queen of naughty Chaquita and wonder of all wonders, she behaved like a champ--until Jen & I went to put her back with her goaties--she could not behave one second longer. (now mind you she usually spits, drools and has a fit when sheared). Took me AND Jen to remove Chaquita's halter and in the process, we were almost combined victims of a nasty, well aimed SPIT. Eeeeew.

Then we caught Dalai--who was fine once caught but HE was the one who drooled and complained the entire hair cut. We chased Max down and he was the absolute worst--just posessed? Some wild llama spirit? John had to wrestle him to get him hobbled up so we were all safe. Ugh. Next year, needless to say, the llamas will be locked inside for the night so we don't have to chase them--the sheep were/are very properly embarassed for those llamas!

The aftermath finds Dalai looking exactly like that picture every time he sees ME and I did not have any part of his shearing time--I was too busy chasing Max--go figure! He usually saves that mad face for the camera appearances, he does not like the sheep having photo sessions? Silly llama. Same time next year Jen?? Please? :0)
Update to follow tomorrow--will include lots of cool fiber and even some shawls/throws--be sure to stop back and have a happy Saturday with lots of fibery fun involved!

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