Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Today's Update- and more!

Hello all! Hope you are having a good start to your week! Please remember to think a kind thought for all the people in WI, IA, IL and IND that have lost everything they have--farmers included. We hope someone will need some temporary housing for sheep or a horse or donkey--we have housing available and are waiting for the call..... If there is anything you can do it will be greatly appreciated, including good thoughts for their safety and recovery.

Isn't this COOL yarn? I could not resist it--it is handspun by my friend Elle of Vintage K! (you can also see their work here) She is a wonderful friend and I love her work so treated myself to the piggy yarn--see the connection?? oink snort that I am--bwaaahahahahaha! Elle felted this cute little pig as an add on to a finished project so watch for my work--pondering options at the moment.... stay tuned!

And here we have a small part of our update today--the sheep really DO work on occasion--see?? ha! Both of these pictures are Blue Face Leicester wool--from the papa of our Brenden. Don't miss out, not to continue a silly theme but this is wool I generally piglet up all to me myself and I. I need help in the de-stashing department! Be sure to browse around, new roving, dyed fiber, unwashed and washed fiber--and I hear the dyepots for this week include Humphrey camel??? oh my!

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primdollie said...

Oh yummy yarn and fiber!! love the little piggie too!! Of course!! hope things are drying out by you?? we have been drenched for 2 days but ok!! mainly fast heavy downpour and wild 65mph!! yikes!! talk soon!! xoxo Linda