Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Where the heck are the RYANS????

Let's see, we've had quite a few weeks here, lots of hot/humid weather that can be so hard on the sheep--and us but we spend lots and lots of time out watering and playing in the hose with Monte (our old horse). He loves a good spritz and also is sure we get one too--he puts his nose up against the end of the hose and all are drenched by the time he is done. We can't convince Casper the honkey donkey that water is good--and what a loss that is right? The piglets are wallowing in their little self made/dug pool--the even fill it themselves with a bucket of water we leave filled next to their pool--no really!! Would I kid you???? :0)

I wanted to get back to talking about sheep and the sheep breeds we have to offer here in our flock. It is fun to investigate the different breeds and crosses--and of course one you are mostly familiar with is my fav to start with--the Romney. We are lucky to have a bunch of Romney sheep from the infamous McNair flock whose bloodlines are from Kent Marsh Romneys in England. They are a very different sheep with a soft, silky fleece--and lots of long staple curls (4-6 inches). They are stockier than USA Romneys, a very stout sheep with short strong legs and a very sweet personality. I adore them--as you can see just a few are pictured from our flock--you can see the rest on our 'meet the sheep' pages on the website.

This is Noah, one of my Christmas lambs from last year. He is a McNair Romney (they all are) and has grown quite a bit since this picture. Looking forward to his next fleece, he has a very pretty curly fleece with some gray starting to work its way through. He is a sweet boy and continues to buddy up with the rest of my Christmas lambs.

This is Baaxter, he is twin to Piper (pictured further down) and his mama is Abigail. He is a big boy now, much like his papa--which means bigger fleece right???

This is Biscuit--he is Josephina's baby--they arrived together when Biscuit was a lambie--they are wonderful!

This is Abigail, famous mama of Piper and Baaxter--she had them at our farm (a rare occasion) and she is the best mama. Poor girl had to put up with me because Piper was born, saw me even though I was creeping around quietly to do chores, and Piper decided I was mom. He refused anything but a bottle and to follow me around any time I was out with the sheep. When I was no place to be seen, he was very happy with Abi but gees, poor girl--I stole her lamb!

And this is Piper, the baby who chose to follow me everywhere--slept under my loom while I skirted fleeces, walked to the mail box with me every day. He is a peach but once he learned he could outrun me, the outside the fence walks had to stop--it doesn't take much to outrun me believe me, but we walk just as much through the pastures now. He runs sort of like Phoebe on Friends (tv show)--all gangly and silly. He just cracks me up--he is such a lug. He keeps close to his Abi and Baaxter--I truly believe if allowed, sheep stay in their family and make other friends outside of it. They are amazing!

OK, off to catch up on some carding and box packing before Ross gets a bender to get to town! TTFN! Update soon before we have hay to unload too!!

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primdollie said...

Love all the pics and happy to hear you are still up and about!! hehehe!! we have had lovely weather still no rain 4 weeks now and cooler too yippee supposedly now for the next week!! hurrah for the north winds that blow!! looking forward to the update needing more goodies so whip those little stinkers into shape and i am sure they will help you get things ship shape again!! ok I'm sure you wish they would but at least it's a thought right!! hope a bit cooler now!! smooches Linda