Sunday, August 31, 2008

Send good thoughts......

Today our thoughts are going out to anyone in the way of Gustav, now a category 5 hurricane. Please keep the people in its path in your thoughts. I cannot imagine what they are going through between preparing their homes, families and friends to flee or wait it all out.

Our friend Holly is on her way out for essentials now and watching the storm wing its way toward her home on the Florida panhandle, on the gulf. She is also preparing for her surgery (you might remember her from our fundraiser earlier this summer?) so she has extras attached to the stress and weather issues. Please keep good thoughts for her--and again, anyone in the path of this storm.

Our mama hen must be thinking rain--she has her little chicks gathered up and sheltered--probably because I was lurking with the camera to be honest though.... Again, our thoughts go out to evacuees, families and critters in the way of this storm.... We wish there was more for us to do to help.

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