Sunday, September 07, 2008

My kind of laundry day--oh, and an update???!

Got my pictures turned around and lazy me, here we go!! First want to tout the fact that we again have Humphrey's camel fleece to play in (oops, I mean with)! Yey Humphrey and thank you Humphrey's mom! I am sure you all read about Humphrey last year but here is the short version of his story. Humphrey was in desperate need of a home and landed with a good friend--with a broken hind leg. That was about 10 years ago and he is now healed (not many can now spot that his back leg healed a little shorter than the other) and a very happy babysitter for the rescue pony babies. He is a hoot and I wish he lived much closer!! Someday a camel for Sandy ok?? :0) (just don't tell Jim!).

I have listed on the site some washed/tumbled fiber from Humphrey and the rest headed to the mill for de-hairing/carding into clouds. This will let some of you get to try camel fiber for a little less cash and see how different it feels before the guard hairs are removed--this fiber comes with lots of karma and Humphrey hugs! The yarn picture is the yarn heading back to this family and I dyed Humphrey fiber clouds, then spun the fiber adding in random dyed Corriedale wool. I plyed it with a soft shiny thread to get as much yardage as possible for them. Wheeee and giddyup!

The update is also done, including our Miette's Angora lash yarn--be sure to check it out--and her! Miette has been here for a little over a year, she arrived as a teensy, ill goat and has kicked it all to be a very sassy, beautiful goatie with soft, luxurious locks that are just to well, 'dye' for! We adore her sassy self and are happy to see her healthy. There is also lots of roving on the site too--like the Watermelon Crawl (the sheep promised me they have NEVER had to do that!) so be sure to browse around ok?

Oh, and laundry day? We also added scads of new yarn to the site--from lash yarn to two ply, crazy quilt and singles! yey! This is the picture of some of the yarn waiting to be washed--now THAT is my kind of laundry day don't you think??? :0) bwaahahahahaha!

Please keep a good thought that Hurricane Ivan will go back out to sea where it belongs too. What a season already and it doesn't officially end til the end of November. Ugh. We are going to update again later in the week with lots of unwashed and dyed wool--have to go get those sheep to knuckle down again--ha! Cheers!


HollyEQQ said...

Hurricane Ike luv! IKE!
And the update looks gorgeous!
I love the yarns.
Big kisses to my favorite sheepies.

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Hi! I love your site and blog :) A friend gave me your store link awhile back and I have purchased Raggedy Ann hair from you. I LOVE IT! When I use it up, I will be back for more for sure! Have a wonderful day! xox