Thursday, September 25, 2008

We're gonna have stairs?!!!

Say WHAT???? Yes, my wonderful parents are arriving this morning to help Ross (son) build proper stairs/landing outside our back porch! Yey! We have had a sturdy but narrow,makeshift set since the basement fell in last year--so will be a wonderful wonderous treat to have that accomplished! This place is getting back to normal but is still the 'land of unfinished projects'... ugh. (the model for our entry today is my sister Jenny's Olivia--what a cutie pie huh??).

WASHED COTSWOLD WOOL: Any of you waiting for orders of washed Cotswold, we appreciate your patience. I am trying like crazy to get that fiber DRY but our weirdo fall has turned back to humid/warm summer days so the fiber is NOT cooperating. Neither are the sheep by the way--those naughties don't like their 'job' of fanning the fleeces--now what could be wrong with THAT??? If you have any questions about the progress of your order please email--we are sorry for the inconvenience this may be causing anyone.... Expect special 'treats' for the wait--the sheep are of course very 'into' THAT! :0)

Update this weekend so be sure to get on our email list ok? Lots of dyed fiber and some washed too--waiting for boxes from both mills--they are buuusy.

Keep good thoughts for our HollyEQQ and Taos Martie--they need them and we are sending hugs too--thinking of you gals.... Toodles!

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