Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad Football and Great update!

I am sure you have heard by now it was mob rule in sheepy land yesterday so NO work got done. Those stinkers had a tail gate party that started way early and didn't end til late last night--they got so mad that the Bears and Packers lost--due to their own silliness--that the sheep just went bananas. Lots of Margaritas were had (minus the alcohol) and it was all over. :0)

However, they DID get right to work on the update this morning--hooray sheep! There are lots of new Cotswold clouds, dyed and unwashed fiber. Wanted to have more ready for this update but again, fiber is not drying so fast in the fall weather.... Will have more Lincoln locks dyed up for the next update (by 9/28), along with lots of unwashed fiber--and hoping some washed fiber too. Just been a wild fall already--great weather, lots of apples to freeze and just fun life on the farm--OH, don't miss out on our news here, we are 'helping' our friend Jen out by adopting some llamas and alpacas--do you hear my arm twisting??? OW! (oink snort is what I should say!).

The economy has found people having to choose between feeding their families--or their pets. It is a sad time in the animal world. Feed prices have almost tripled and hay is going to be high priced and sort of scarce this year. Scary times, specially for the critters involved. Jenny has so many creatures waiting to get into her place but she has a few 'special needs' llamas and alpacas that she really wants to be careful placing. Ta-da! Not sure how that will all work out yet but keep an eye here for all the fun! Cheerio!

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