Monday, September 29, 2008

Llama rescue....

Our Dalai Llama is furious (can't you tell??). We have a local rescue going on that finds us needing to help place over 22 llamas. They need to have forever homes, possibly foster homes so if you know of anyone local that could help, please have them email us.

Adoption homes will be screened and require a home visit but please know that is to insure the llamas are in fact going to good homes where they will now be safe--they have been through enough already in their little lives. I am not sure yet if an adoption fee will be necessary--has not been decided yet.

SO, that said, I am running behind, boxes will go out Wednesday and our update will move to Tuesday/Wednesday--sorry for the delay. Can't be helped and appreciate your patience! More updates as available and thank you for your kind thoughts for the llamas in need--you are all so appreciated! Smooches!

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AhimsaFibers said...

Positive, loving thoughts from up north for those poor llamas. I only wish I had more than a small city lot. All the best in finding them good homes!