Friday, October 03, 2008

Hollyeqq update!

Yey Holly! She is baaaack home all safe and sound! Her surgery was a success and now she has to rest rest rest. You can see how glad her puppy is to see her--he was worried can you tell? Poor LA! Makes you want to give them BOTH a big hug doesn't it? You can read more about her adventure on her blog so be sure to take a peak, she captured some gorgeous pictures of wildlife, nature and more while hiking (pre-surgery of course!). She is SO grateful for the fundraiser you all participated in and gave so generously to--you paid her way for the rental car and hotel stay--the biggest part of her expenses! So again, you are all amazing and wonderful--thank you for helping us take care of Holly when she needed all of us.

She is ahead of the fiber game so be sure to shop her site too--fun browsing to say the least--she is a fiber/color wizard!

LLAMA RESCUE UPDATE: To date, the llama rescue is working out the kinks of where they will end up--there is a rescue interested in taking the entire 25+ in to get them vetted, FED and evaluated for new homes--keep your fingers crossed!! It would be a good place for them to get more acclimated to people. We have everyone on a list here so when it gets to a point they are heading off that farm, we will be sure your names are all passed along to the people in charge. Please continue to email us so we can keep our list current!

With all the excitement, our update will be this weekend, probably Sunday so I have a day to get it on there! It will be a good one--washed wool (Romney-wheee!), dyed fiber and even some yarn to re-stock! Hope you are all enjoying some fiber time this weekend and always look forward to hearing from you--you are wonderful sheepy peeps!

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