Thursday, October 23, 2008

She's a girl!!!

Thank you all for your patience this week, my baby sister had her first baby on Tuesday, everyone is healthy, happy and wonderful--heading back home tomorrow. Yey! Her name is Macie Josephine Brown. The Josephine is Kevin's mom's name (she passed away when kevin was a teen) so what a beautiful baby, and a name to match! Will post pictures when I have them available--not so sure about posting unprotected on the internet? Any thoughts on that? Our pictures are protected on the website but not here.....

We are also thinking about some changes for payments--nothing new choice wise but to save me some bookkeeping (or make it easier and less time involved). We are setting Jenny and Kendra up with Paypal accounts so when you order their wool, you will need to make a seperate payment to their accounts--that way they get the money pronto and saves the sheep time in the office.... hee hee! They say Baaah humbug to office work as we all know! Any thoughts on that appreciated too--might be confusing at first but I can alway send seperate Paypal invoices to keep it easy. Anyone paying via check would continue to make one payment to the sheep.... Do I make any semblence of sense today? Probably not! Off to sort fleeces!

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guinevereanne said...

Oh congratz! Must be a real sweety!

So glad things worked out alright!

And I defintily hope the "less paperwork/office time" works!

More time to itch the sheeps and play with fibers!