Saturday, October 11, 2008


Here we are, llamapalooza week! ha! Jenny just brought over six of her 'special needs' llama babies for us--no arm twisting involved either! The llamas were brought to her last summer/fall, very hungry, skinny and taken too soon from their moms. They are all healthy now thanks to Jenny's hard work--the only left over is they are stunted growth wise so will always be half the size of a 'typical' llama. They are adorable and getting to know their way around. The white llama is Radar (leader of the crew), there is one with ears that had been frostbitten before he got to Jen--he is Van Gogh. One is Obama (of course) and the names for the rest are being batted around to see what fits best! They are priceless, they hum a LOT, and tell us stories. They sound like a barbershop quartet getting ready to sing--too fun! We are glad to help Jen make room for more needy critters.... Thank you Jenny!

The update is done! (yey sheep) so browse a bit for some gorgeous dyed, washed, unwashed wool, Crazy Quilt Batts (yes you heard correctly!) and more. Been getting things sorted so I don't have to do much of that this winter so keep an eye out, hoping the updates are all this big from now on--yarn to add this week too! Happy Fiber Art!

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