Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rainy day website update......

Buddy Schnauzer was too sleepy to do much more than watch the sheep work at the computer. What a lazy rainy day! Slept in a little late, fed the sheep and 'convinced' a few sheep that had the best typing skills to get in and get the update done early! hee hee and BAH say the sheep. They are now out munching on the grass that is looking green again--sheepy salads all around! We managed to scrape off 20 small round bales of hay for them from our field (wah, buying hay again this year, at least not as much though) that will be delivered next week to their favorite spots to dine alfresco!

The update is a little smaller in nature than what we usually aim for but llama circumstances what they were last week, we are all off our 'schedule' a bit. However, not sure we ever truly have a set schedule? Too much excitement around here every day!

Our wonder shearer David was here the other evening for a visit between shearing stops. He is a hoot! Such a great source of knowledge for us and we always learn something new about sheep from him. Let us all hope he NEVER retires! Fingers crossed right David??? :0) He also dropped off a gigundo bag of his beautiful sheep's Corriedale wool--it is heading to the mill for white, soft, clean roving--should keep us all in plenty of wool for our dyeing fun so keep an eye out!

We will be having a mid-week update with lots of unwashed wool, and am currently washing up the mighty Kirk McNair's Romney fleece-- a blue ribbon winner at the Jefferson Sheep & Wool Festival again this year! It is beauteous wool and a whomping skirted weight of 10+ pounds! Will be offering both dyed and washed from his fleece.... We will keep you all posted about the llama rescue and please keep sending good thoughts for them ok? Cheers!

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