Monday, October 27, 2008

Wash day and new toys!

Saweet! Lots of yarn spun this weekend--in between a sneak visit to my parents that included my 'other' mom and dad--Barbara and Dennis! Had a fun day, and thank you mom and dad for all the wonderful 'stuff' (drying rack and so much more) we scooped up to help me organize my shop!!!

I was so tired yesterday I played with the sheep (in the most windy day we have had in months) and just spun lots and lots of yarn! Whew--really is a great way to spend a dreary inside day don't you think? Spins the bad right out of you--hee hee! The sheep have also been busy washing and dyeing fiber--and roving. Should be ready for an update later in the week--sorry we (they-ha!) are off their schedule. Just makes for a better update though--lots of goodies!

Be sure to get yourself on our email mailing list--will keep everyone posted about the update! Cheers!

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